Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch 2019

TOP PICK (1/5)

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Scorecard

The team was unanimous on what app would be the top pick. Golfshot got pretty much everything that you could ask for in a GPS tracker with perfect interaction with the Apple Watch.

Of course, the “Pro” functions definitely outweighs the material that comes for free but this shouldn’t hold you back. The reasoning should absolutely be that if you intend to use this app with your Apple Watch instead of a GPS watch the pro-functions would definitely be something to consider. If not, try it out with the free version at first.

One really cool feature is the interaction with Siri to keep it as hands-free as possible!

Here are some of the free functions:

  • Distance to the middle (sometimes, all we need?)
  • Register every stroke and what club you used
  • Invite friends to tee-times and share rounds
  • Scorecard – Stableford, and Stroke Play
  • Up to 80% discount at GolfNow’s courses

With the Pro functions you get:

  • Everything from the free section
  • Real-time distance to hazards and traps on over 40 000 golf courses
    • (Great “drag and drop” function!)
  • Able to link your GHIN Number and adjust your handicap directly in the app
  • Dynamic 3D-“flyover” view of every hole with club recommendation (the flyover is really cool)
  • Zoom-function (great for approaching the green)

Golfshot Pro: $4.99/month or $29.99/year

Looking for a Golf App for Apple Watch and iPhone?

The Apple Watch has been with us since 2015, which makes it close to 5 years. Initially, it was something of “a cool gadget” and was not that widespread. But with the launch of the Fit Bit and health trend, Apple Watch increased in popularity and more and more apps started to interact with the watch.

Since most golfers use “distance tools” nowadays anyway, whether it’d be a binocular or a GPS watch, it is becoming more and more relied on.

Since the apple watch includes the function of a GPS Golf Watch AND a lot of more functions – why not get the Apple Watch directly?

Since most GPS Golf Apps comes with a subscription fee (and we do recommend the paid version more often than not), we highly recommend you to read this review/guide and also test out the free trial versions that are offered.

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IMPORTANT: Playing with someone from another region? Make sure you brush up on the new handicap changes (WHS) that takes place 2020.

Best Golf GPS Apps for Apple Watch 2020!
Hole 19 GPS App



With a clever name, probably (we are just guessing) the biggest community and, as good when using this with the Apple Watch and your iPhone Hole19 climbs up to second place in this ranking of 5.

The registration process here was just a little bit more exhausting, but it was still nothing to be alarmed by. Once installed and up and running you could feel how smooth this app is and the interface is really user-friendly.

Some of the free content:

  • Finding and booking tee-times
  • GPS distance. (To Hazards and drag-and-drop in the free version!)
  • Track your progress on the web
  • Multiplayer (track for your friends and email it to them afterward)
  • Play offline (download the course in advance)
    • Really good feature if you are traveling
  • Apple Watch compatible

What you get with premium:

  • Everything in the free section
  • Advanced distance tracker
  • Club recommendation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Notes
  • Advanced Statistics
  • No Ads
  • Priority customer service


Golf19 PRO: $49.99/12-month or $29.99/6-month


Golf Game Book

Join the excitement! If there is one app that is a must-have if you are ever going to be playing with a larger group of friends or in any kind of tournament – Game Book is what you need.

This app coordinates with your friends and other golfers simultaneously and allows you to have your very own tournament with a live scoreboard and chat room. What really makes Game Book such a great pick is the ability to interact with friends and on social media i.e. invites you to post to your social media profile if you make a Birdie!

The app was also one of the first to ever incorporate Apple Watch compatibility which should suggest that they have it tested and made into perfection.

For free in Game Book:

  • Digital Scorecard
  • GPS & Distance Tracker
  • Leaderboard in real-time
    • 25 different gameplay! (Ryder Cup, scramble, etc)
  • Easily accessible statistics
  • A lot of social functions
  • Tournaments & Events

Golf Gamebook Gold:

  • Advanced statistics
  • Private Games (like, when you play during office hours. Ahum)
  • Improved statistics
  • No Ads!



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Best Golf App for Apple Watch 2019


Golf Logix

Probably the smoothest interface and most user-friendly golf app there is. We also experienced that this app drained less battery than most others, but this could be attributed to other factors. The reviews suggest a very quick customer service as when players do not find the course they need, they get it up and running in no time.

It comes pre-packed with 35,000 golf courses with GPS distance and imagery. The single month option is a bit expensive and drags the overall rating down somewhat. However, according to Golf Logix themselves, this is the most downloaded app in Golf, so it must be doing something right!

For free:

  • Digital Scorecard
  • GPS & Distance Tracker
  • 3D Navigation of the course
  • 3D green maps
  • Great Zoom function of the green
  • Putt reading (this is a pretty unique feature)

“Pro” Features:

  • Everything in the free section
  • (Free trial for the first 2 rounds)
  • Approach View (i.e. where to land on the green)
  • Adjust Pin Position of every green
  • Club Tracking


$9.99/month or $49.99/12-months

Best golf apps apple watch 2019


Golf GPS++

One of those apps that is not the “talk of the town” but is still a diamond in the rough! It supports Apple Watch down to Series 2 for those with an Apple Watch with a few years on its back now. The technology seems to be on point as it measures swing tempo and computes swing analysis that includes impact angle, hand speed, swing plane and more. It also tracks your GPS position and automatically records the distance of each stroke (although we found this function not to be 100% accurate, but a good estimate).

Like many apps, it has “Auto Hole-Switch” which is convenient. It gets bumped down to 5th place due to its slow updating frequency and some trouble with finding a lot of local courses. The Apple Watch function also only comes with the paid version. Otherwise a great app.

Included in the paid version: (since its the only one that is interesting)

  • Digital Scorecard
  • GPS & Distance Tracker
  • 3D Map Hole Flyover
  • Built-In Swing & Putt Analysis
  • No need to carry a phone for connectivity. (Great cache for “offline mode”)
  • Automatically tracks strokes (distance etc)
  • Switch to “Simple Mode” or “Shot by Shot”
  • Adjust Pin Position of every green
  • Club Tracking

Price: (possible to get 7 days free trial)

$79.99 One-Time Fee

Apple Watch For Golfers


Does everyone need a Golf Distance Measuring Device?

Yes and no. We come across a lot of low handicap golfers who never use one since they often find themselves on the fairway and close to any yards-mark on the fairway. New players, on the other hand, may find themselves off the fairway and far away from any markers and then the need for a distance measuring device comes very in handy.

Also, as a beginner, knowing the distance and getting to know your strokes will help you improve your game.

How to Measure how far you hit a golf ball?

Most of the GPS apps will allow you to either activate a measuring tool or that it actually measures this automatically (via satellite). Measuring the distance only on the range will give false values since range balls do not fly the same distance as “real” golf balls etc.

Should I go for an Apple Watch, a Laser Binocular or a GPS Watch?

It depends. Since we are fans of the Apple Watch, and with it being in almost the same price category – might as well get one and reap the benefits of other features as well?

A Laser Binocular is more suited for pro players and actually slows down the game (since you have to pick it up and put it down between every shot).

If you want to look into Golf GPS watches, head over to our review of The Garmin S60 and Golf Watch Alternatives!

Should I use the free version or pay the subscription to get “Premium” content?

It, of course, depends on your financial status but we highly recommend the paid versions of the apps. It gives you an advanced scorecard and data collection as well as other cool features such as 3D flyovers, more flexible distance measuring and so on.

For more information on the new Apple Watch Series 4 – read more on Apple’s Website