March 25, 2021

One of the easiest and fastest ways to take shots off your score is to improve your short game as a high handicapper. It goes without saying that for any golfer, the best wedge is a must-have. The golf wedge is one of the most versatile clubs and can be considered to be the one with the highest loft. This is the club you will use for short approach shots, and when you are 125 yards off the green, the wedge is what you will be reaching for.

However, not all wedges are created the same. We created a guide that outlines key features to consider when looking for the best wedges for high handicappers and curated a list of five of the best wedges for high handicappers.

Product Name
Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge
Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4, Steel, Wedge Flex, Right...
Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular,...
Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce...
Product Image
Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge
Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4, Steel, Wedge Flex, Right...
Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular,...
Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce...
Product Name
Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge
Product Image
Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge
Product Name
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge
Product Image
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge
Product Name
Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4, Steel, Wedge Flex, Right...
Product Image
Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4, Steel, Wedge Flex, Right...
Product Name
Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular,...
Product Image
Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular,...
Product Name
Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce...
Product Image
Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce...

Best Wedges For High Handicappers

1. Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge
  • Cleveland CBX2 wedges are designed to better fit the short game of golfers who...
  • A hollow cavity design near the heel with heavier weight in the toe to maximize...
  • Dynamic sole grinds are specialized by loft to provide the versatility you need...
  • V-shaped sole on 46A-52A lofts.
  • S-shaped sole on 54A and 56A lofts.

The Cleveland Hollow Cavity Design offers a heavy toe and perimeter weight, hence offering more forgiveness at impact. The cavity design helps smooth shots over. It comes equipped with the Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology, giving it a great feel at impact with a toe bias at the center of gravity.

The CBX wedge has a dynamic sole that is versatile and can be used in just any situation. It comes with three different sole grinds. It is equipped with Rotex Face Technology which aids in delivering optimal spin and control.


  • Extremely versatile.
  • Cavity back design provides remarkable forgiveness.
  • Available in lofts from 46 to 60 degrees in two-degree increments.
  • Available in lightweight steel or graphite shafts which are designed to promote feel and responsiveness.
  • Plays amazing off turf thanks to the front to back V shape


  • Not ideal for professionals.
  • Limited shaft availability.

2. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge
  • Classic, high polish finish and classic blade shape
  • Perfect club for getting your ball close to the pin
  • True Temper steel irons for high performance and reliability
  • Sole grind allows players to open the club face further to hit higher shots with...
  • Blade shape with modified bounce angles for dead stop spin and versatility from...

The Wilson brand is well known in the golf world as their clubs are sleek in design, well built, and usually offer several features that enhance overall performance.

The Wilson wedge uses aggressive grooves that can get you the maximum spin on your shots. The shape of the blade also gives you a modified bounce angle hence further enhancing your spin.

The wedge construction is both sleek and durable. The head is made of stainless steel, which helps enhance the handicapper's performance through increased control.

Another great feature is that you can open the clubface. This means you can not only hit accurate shots but higher ones too. This will ultimately improve your overall golf performance.

The Wilson blade shape will aid you whether in the sand or on the fairway. Its shape allows for modified bounce angles for dead stop spin. It is one of the best sand wedges for high handicappers.


  • High durability.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Great grind sole, which increases accuracy in shots.
  • Affordable.


  • Quite small hence makes for a thinner grip.
  • Not ideal if you have a slow swing speed.

3. Callaway Mack Daddy 4 

Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4, Steel, Wedge Flex, Right...
  • More Spin from Groove-In-Groove Technology
  • Four Sole Grinds to Suit a Variety of Playing Styles, Attack Angles and Course...
  • Broad Range of Lofts and Bounce Combinations
  • Choice of Platinum Chrome or Black Matte Finish
  • Satisfying Feel from Soft Carbon Steel, Precise CG Locations and Crisp Turf...

The Callaway S-grind series can easily be considered the most versatile collection. The wedge comes with four sole grinds designed to suit various playing styles, attack angles, and course conditions. The Mack Daddy offers more spin than most wedges and also has a bit of extra stopping power. It has a slightly squarer toe which helps create a straighter leading edge. The loft angle is 48 degrees, and the shaft material is made of steel. The Callaway wedge offers a broad range of bounce combinations.

Design-wise, you have the option between platinum chrome or black matte finish.


  • S-Grind technology makes it great for various lies and swing types.
  • Semi-straight leading edge creates a confident feel over the ball.
  • Wider sole is ideal in softer sand


  • Quite expensive.

4. Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge

Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular,...
  • Product Type: GOLF_CLUB
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Model Number: 11264
  • Country of Orgin: China

The Pinemeadow wedge allows you to experience three different wedges with one purchase. It's a great choice for handicappers and beginners. Each of the wedges comes with its own loft angle. Hence allowing you to experience three different angles. The wedge lofts are 60, 56, and 52 degrees, and they are all just about the same weight despite being different angles.

All three wedges have a wide sole and are narrow toward the head. This means that the surface that hits the balls is a lot more forgiving.

The shafts in the packs come with a 125-gram steel shaft, which is low to mid-kick. Another great feature is the U groove technology that improves the shot's trajectory by optimizing every spin. The shaft is made of stainless steel however, you can always upgrade it to graphite though this is at an extra cost. Graphite is a better material compared to stainless steel.


  • Three clubs for the price of one.
  • Sleek finish.
  • Made of premium materials.


  • Lightweight.
  • Grip can be improved.

5. Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX

Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce...
  • Deeper grooves and a new micro-milled Rotex face pattern give these wedges the...
  • Forth generation Tour Zip Grooves feature larger walls and sharper radii than...
  • Advanced, 2-pass micro milling pattern provides a strategically designed...
  • Fine tunes the micro-roughness for more consistency and texture across the face

The Cleveland wedge has fourth-generation Tour zip Grooves that allow you to move more grass and dirt away from the face; hence you can always make clean contact with the ball. The walls of the wedge are up to 8% larger.

The Rotes 2.0 Face Pattern is one of the key features that makes this wedge stand out. Its 2 pass micro-milling pattern allows you to get more spin and friction than you might have expected.

The wedge has a sleek design, and you can choose how you want it to look when it comes to the finish. It has a great feel in that it is heavy enough to get the ball out of deep grass and light enough to have great maneuverability.


  • Several grind options.
  • Sleek design.
  • Ideal wedge for high handicappers and beginners.


  • Doesn't have a headcover.
  • Matte finish wears off over time.

Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Wedge

a) Types of Wedges

When buying the best wedge for high handicappers, you can choose to buy it separately or as part of a full set of golf clubs. The four common types of golf wedges:

Lob Wedges

The lob wedge has the highest loft, usually between 60 and 64 degrees. This means that you can get better height and spin on the ball when you are near the green. Lob wedges are mostly used when hitting chips or bunker shots. It is not recommended to take a full swing as they are better suited for high spinning shorter shots and sand escapes.

Trying to take a full swing with a lob wedge could result in a chunked shot. Using the lob wedge takes a lot of practice and feel, but it can produce some amazing shots out around the green once you get it.

Sand Wedges

A sand wedge normally has a loft ranging from 54 to 59 degrees. The sand wedge was originally designed such that you escape sand traps or bunkers given the heavy and wide sole The sand wedge comes in handy in any situation that requires a high lofted, soft-landing shot. As a high handicapper, learning to use the sand wedge to your advantage can be extremely useful.

Pitching Wedges

The pitching wedge tends to be the most common of the four. Its loft usually ranges between 44 to 48 degrees. The pitching wedge mainly allows you to make full shots while occasionally making chip shots longer in length.

Gap Wedges

The gap wedge, also known as the utility or attack wedge, is ideal for taking full approach full shots while allowing you a good amount of loft and short game versatility around the greens. The gap wedge has a loft that normally ranges from 50 to 54 degrees. The gap wedge is commonly sold as part of a set of irons.

b) Parts of The Wedge

If you're new to golf, the first thing you'll have to do is learn all of the terminologies. A wedge refers to an iron, usually used to make short shots that require a lot of spinning. The shots tend to be around 100 yards or less. When determining the best wedge to use, some of the factors to consider will be the distance shot, style, and preference of play.

There are four central parts to wedge:

Toe: This the edge that faces outward

Face: The club you use to hit the ball

Back: This is where the cavity is often located

Sole: Also known as width. As the thickness increases, so does the quality. The wedge improves and becomes better for use over thicker grass.

b) Loft

The loft is a key feature of any wedge. It is the angle on the wedge and ranges from 46 to 72 degrees of loft.

The wedge you select, and use might be referred to by its angle or its main/primary function. There are times that the name of the wedge and loft will be used interchangeably. For example, you might see or hear the term "sand wedge," which means that the wedge has a loft that is 46 degrees.

c) Bounce

The bounce is the area that makes contact with the actual turf. It is commonly used to represent the sole design characteristics: sole wedge, rocker, leading-edge, bounce angle, and camber. Essentially, it makes the club bounce through the surface under the ball.

The term bounce is often used to represent the bounce angle, which is the leading edge to where the sole touches the ground. The bounce angle prevents the wedge from digging into the ground when a shot is being made and stops the club's momentum from slicing through the ball.

There are three bounce levels, and they all accommodate different styles of play and different course conditions. The back edge is what creates the bounce and produces forgiveness in the club.

Low bounce Wedge: This falls somewhere between 4-6 degrees and is best suited for shallower swings that take very little divot. Wedges with lower bounce are ideal for firmer conditions and usually create very clean contact with the ball.

Mid bounce Wedge: Has an angle between 7 and 10 and appeals to a wide range of players because of the trajectory it creates and the precision one can achieve with it. A mid bounce wedge is ideal for play in normal and firmer conditions on the golf course. 

High bounce Wedge: Has an angle of more than 10 degrees. This is ideal for players who normally take a big divot cut through the turf without getting caught up. These wedges are better suited for play in softer conditions and function well in fluffy lies and softer sand away from a bunker.

d) Wedge Grind

The Wedge Grind is the removal or manipulation of material from the golf club's sole to help improve turf interaction. Different grinds will let you play with different aspects of the game, such as spin, power, flight, etc. The grind of the wedge is what allows for more creativity in your short game.

When choosing a wedge as a high handicap player, it's best to talk to a professional about what type of grind would work best or do some thorough research. Each brand has its own unique grind styles and types; hence it's important to do your research before settling on a wedge.

e) Clubhead Finish

The Wedge finish refers to the outer coating applied to the clubhead that gives the wedge its final aesthetic. There are 3 basic finishes used, namely: Chrome, Matte/Satin, and Raw

Chrome: This tends to be the most basic finish and is the same look and feel you'd find across any standard iron. The only downside with chrome is the glare from the sunlight.

Matte: Matte is a dull black that reduces glare. It gives a slightly different feel when you hit the ball. The only downside is that it wears out quickly compared to Chrome.

Raw: These are wedges with no applied finish on the clubhead, and they usually rust over time. Raw wedges are extremely popular on tour and amateurs who want a lot of feel in their short game. They don't produce glare and will produce more friction and spin over time due to the rusted face.

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