March 11, 2021

Golf courses have seen immense changes over the last couple of years. Back in the 1800s, golfers used to wear shirts and ties. Now golfers zoom around in motorized golf carts and push carts, but truth be told, a good walk will do you right.

Dr. Neil Wolkodoff, a medic at the Colorado Center for Health and Sports Science, conducted a study on the physical gains of using a push cart instead of carrying a bag. Dr Neil explains, people who use a push a cart have a lot fewer health issues.

Strolling on a standard 18-hole golf course will have you burn around 900 calories. So, if you're not keen on working out in the gym or using treadmills, this should come in handy.

A golf swing is tough on your back, but if you enjoy walking around the golf course in the open air, here are some golf push carts worth your time.

Product Name
CaddyTek Explorer V8 - SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Explorer...
Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Carts (Phantom)
Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Foot Brake - ONE Second...
Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX
Product Image
CaddyTek Explorer V8 - SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Explorer...
Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Carts (Phantom)
Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Foot Brake - ONE Second...
Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX
Product Name
CaddyTek Explorer V8 - SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Explorer...
Product Image
CaddyTek Explorer V8 - SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Explorer...
Product Name
Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Carts (Phantom)
Product Image
Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Carts (Phantom)
Product Name
Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
Product Image
Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
Product Name
Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Foot Brake - ONE Second...
Product Image
Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Foot Brake - ONE Second...
Product Name
Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX
Product Image
Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX

Best Golf Push Trolley

Even as a pro player, these push carts will offer you a great deal at unmatched prices

1. CaddyTek Explorer V8 Wheel Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek Explorer V8 - SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Explorer...
  • Patented simple 2 latched mechanism folds the cart to compact size (15.75" x...
  • Adjustable handle height for multiple pushing Postions and 25.5 inch wide body...
  • Width between the two front wheel can be adjust between 11.5 to 12.5 inches to...
  • Umbrella holder, foot brake are included

Introducing the CaddyTek Explorer V8, an unrivalled golf pushcart that will leave you pleasantly amazed. Unlike its contenders, it doesn't lack any features. This push trolley is predominantly known to ensure such a spacious storage capacity, increased stability and durability.

You can collapse the golf push cart structure into 15.75 inches by 13.4 inches by 24 inches size in just two simple steps. The push cart model ensures a folding mechanism that's easy to handle, offering spacious storage in a compact structure.

Compared to other products, its super lightweight frame at 15 pounds and compact design means that you won't worry about carrying it or finding extra room in the car to put your pushcart. The push cart flaunts an aluminium frame that's not only abrasion-resistant but it's also corrosion-resistant for maximum durability.

What's a push cart without its wheels? For maximum balance and stability, it comes in four wheels, two front and two rear.

These wheels are made of a material known as EVA, which is lightweight and known to ensure low maintenance. Another reason you can stroll through the golf course without worrying about it toppling over.

What's more, the two front wheels can be adjusted from 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches to create a storage compartment to hold larger bag sizes and utmost security. For a more comfortable pushing position, the handle height is adjustable.

With a vast body of 25.5 inches, it incorporates a foot brake system to offer you maximum protection and absolute comfort as you shoving your cart. You also don't want to move around while having hold your umbrella, do you? This cart offers you multiple holders and golf accessories such as the umbrella holder, scorecard holder, mobile holder, cup holder and a mesh net.


  • It has a superior compact portability
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy folding system
  • A strong, durable aluminium frame
  • It has wheels with a braking system
  • Adjustable, low maintenance wheels
  • Maximum balance and stability


  • Flimsy adjustable handle that is divided into 2
  • Clamps can be hard to close

2. Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Cart

Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Carts (Phantom)
  • Incredible Flat Fold Design
  • Straight Axle for Smoother Easier Push
  • Lighter-Stronger Materials
  • Simple 2 Step Open and Close Design
  • 5 Year Warrantee

Proving one of the best golf push carts, the Big Max Blade IP push cart is a minimalistic, ultra-slim, compact push cart focused on ease of setup and easy storage. Even as a three-wheel push cart, the wheel balance gives excellent stability making it reliable to perform well on the course. Well enough to make sure you’re all set for your golf game, with your golf accessories and walking needs met.

To make it easy to transport in the car, it has a one-fold System that enables the cart to fold and become completely flat. This is an excellent choice for golfers who are low on storage space in their trunk.

Golfers also get an organiser panel that acts as a generous storage compartment for necessities. The smooth-rolling wheels come with a double-parking brake system.

Note that the Big Max Blade cart has in-built storage on the console, a useful storage area for small items like keys, repair tools, golf ball markers, etc. On the console, you’ll find two golf ball holders for your golf balls, two tee slots, a pencil holder, a small drink bottle mesh net, and two scorecard console holders.

This 3-wheel push cart has a base receptive to any bag type, making it a great bag holder. This bag positioning will have your bags sit more upright. This makes it easy to get golf clubs in and out of the bag without much of a hassle. The adjustable upper brackets will accommodate any bag size or shape bag firmly in place.

To help maintain the slim profile, the Big Max Blade uses a dual foot braking system on its wheels. With a quick flick on each wheel, you can firmly lock the golf cart in place using your foot. Also, to straighten out the golf cart, you can use the Allen wrench to adjust the front wheel if you're having any tracking issues.


  • Ultra-Slim
  • It is super lightweight
  • One-Fold System
  • Adjustable front wheel
  • Has a magnetic ball marker
  • Is stand bag compatible
  • Minimalistic design
  • Dual foot braking system
  • It has adjustable upper brackets that make a great holder
  • The ease of setup


  • It is relatively low on storage space

3. Bag Boy Quad XL Push Golf Cart

The Bag Boy Company is known to give the best golf push carts in the market, and the Bag Boy Quad is no exception. The Quad makes an entry into the four-wheel golf push cart world for this brand.

These particular golf carts are traditionally very easy to unfold, and the Quad is no exception. Compared to other golf products and its primary four-wheel competitors, the Quad features a bigger accessory storage pouch even when folded.

Compared to most golf carts, the Quad wheels are large, assuring of you a more leisurely wheel roll while on your golf game rounds and a 4-wheel design that makes sure it won't tip over. As a golfer, you'd probably relate to playing through bleak weather, which is why the adjustable umbrella holder comes in handy.

What's more, the umbrella mount attachment shifts to the left or right side, a feature that you can use while playing through the shifting sun. The Quad XL golf cart has ample storage options for a large scorecard, phone, apparel, golf balls and a moderately sized drink holder for thirsty golfers.

Have you ever had your push cart roll away while you weren’t paying attention? The Quad XL lets you engage the reliable parking brake by inserting a pin into one of the 12 notches on the rear right wheel. This feature makes sure your cart won't wheel away while you're not paying attention.

To accommodate many golf bag sizes, this cart has a push handle that is almost infinitely customisable with all the high or low angles you'd want.


  • It has front wheels, slightly narrower than the rear wheels that make it easier to turn
  • It has solid wheels that don't require inflation
  • For reliable security, the storage compartment has a magnetically sealed lid
  • Its phone mount sits between the handles to allow you to look at your phone hands-free
  • The cart is compact when folded
  • Comes in many colours
  • To keep the tires clean, it has low wheel spokes
  • Folds easily
  • Has an umbrella holder


  • It's relatively bulky when folded up
  • Doesn't come with its umbrella
  • It has relatively large ball holders

4. Qwik-Fold 3.0 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Foot Brake - ONE Second...
  • FOLDS IN ONE SECOND: This Qwik-Fold push cart only takes one second to open and...
  • AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM: This collapsible cart with wheels is built with a super...
  • BUILT-IN UMBRELLA HOLDER: You won’t get stuck on the course in a downpour...
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: This push cart opens and folds in one step, but is also...
  • PATENTED FOOT-BRAKE SYSTEM: Simply tap the break with your foot to engage the...

The Qwik-Fold is a solid 3-wheel push cart that deserves mention and high praise in its construction and reliability. The Qwik-Fold cart makes it to the best golf push carts list due to the streamlined construction and design that makes it one of the best golf push carts for a junior golfer. Its adjustable handle works great for golfers of any height.

The cart is known for its high-tech patented bullet-system that only takes one second to open and fold. Making it a collapsible cart that opens and closes in one simple step. It has a great handle for ease of use and comfort.

It has an aircraft-grade aluminium frame that makes it sturdy, super strong, and lightweight. To keep your golf clubs dry in the rain, it has an adjustable umbrella holder that comes in handy while playing in the shifting sun.

It has a patented brake system where you use your foot to tap on the brake to engage the brake, then use your foot to tap again to release the brake.  The cart also has ball bearing wheels to give you a smooth ride over any terrain while on your golf game rounds.


  • it is lightweight
  • It has a durable aluminium frameIt has large anti-skid wheels
  • It has a two-step collapsible designIt has an adjustable height
  • It has a simple consoleIt has a broad base that makes it extremely stable under heavyweight


  • The front-wheel doesn't swivel
  • It only comes in a black colour

5. Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart GX

Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX
  • The redesigned handle allows for a larger mesh headcover tray.
  • Built-in bracket holds the Speed Cart seat or an industrial sand/seed bottle...
  • Mesh basket comes standard.
  • Improved upper and lower bag brackets easily adjust to hold your bag.
  • Folds in two easy steps.

The Sun Mountain is an outstanding luxury push cart, a premium option with five-star ratings and features. This push cart comes with an adjustable lower and upper bracket that gives you maximum balance. Also, if you want, you can adjust the rotating brackets as well.

For ample space, the Sun Mountain comes with a large mesh design that you can use to store both small or big-size bags, plus it's compatible with most stand bags. These come as great options while on the golf course.

This high ranking push cart offers ample storage compartments with a mobile phone holder, two mesh baskets for your essentials, a can holder, and an umbrella mount. The luxury rating means it comes with extra offerings that other push carts don't give, such as attaching a cooler or a seat if you want.

The push cart comes with three rotatable wheels, one large front wheel, and two large rear wheels. Large wheels help you glide over whatever terrain effortlessly. Additionally, the adjustable handle is an excellent choice for whatever height the golfer while giving you great stability.

While enjoying your game, the last thing you need is your push cart rolling away while you're not looking. To help with that, the Sun Mountain cart has an incredible brake system on the right handle. It uses a pin to lock the right rear wheel in place.


  • It has an in-built bracket to hold the cart seat
  • It has a simple 2-step folding technique
  • It comes in a three-wheel design to provide excellent stability on whatever terrain
  • Has an excellent alignment system
  • It comes with a large dual mesh basket for essentials like golf balls, water bottles, apparel and towels


  • It is relatively pricey

Factors to Consider for the Best Golf Push Carts

1. Ease of Use

The best push cart should be easy to open and close. Check for the latching mechanism as well. This feature keeps it to keep it from opening when it shouldn't.

2. Size When Folded and Storage

Check for a compact cart that doesn't take up as much space in your car, considering you'll also need to carry your golf bag and clubs. The compact fold shouldn't affect the ample storage for your golf bag and essentials.

3. Stability and Brake System

Push carts mentioned made it to the list on merit, and the fact that every single push cart provides excellent stability doesn't tip over and has a parking brake system.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Best Golf Push Carts

1. Between the 3 and 4-wheel push cart, which one is better?

Both have their pros and cons. The 3-wheel cart is relatively bigger and easier to manoeuvre with around the course. On the downside, they have a relatively smaller storage capacity.

On the other hand, the 4-wheel cart offers relatively more storage space, comes with more golf accessories and a much easier folding system. However, this then makes it much heavier than its 3-wheel counterpart.

2. Is a push cart better than a pull cart?

While on your game, pulling your loaded cart for miles can be a little taxing to your upper back and shoulders. This has you losing the much-needed energy and enthusiasm for your golf swings.

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