It’s that time of year when you either already have the perfect Christmas gift lined up or you are fumbling in the dark and have no idea what to buy. But fear not! If you have someone in your Christmas gifting-circle that either loves to golf, plays it on occasion or may even pick it up – we have come to your aid!

We think that there is a misconception that it is difficult to buy gifts for a golfer.

A golfer will always need – new golf balls, new tee’s, new golf gloves, new golf shoes, a new golf bag, a new golf shirt or a new golf cap.

A golfer will always want – new tech gear (smartwatch, GPS watch etc), a new putter, a travel cover bag, new golf wedges or putting aiding equipment.

We can therefore almost guarantee that you will find something for a beloved family member, a friend or a spouse in this guide. Because you will never, ever, go wrong with buying something related to golf to someone who loves golf, believe us on that one.

#1. Golf Rangefinder 

This made the top of the list, even though there is no direct hierarchy among the different suggestions. A rangefinder is something that every golfer really want (and could benefit greatly from!) but some may hesitate to buy it themself.

Whenever someone picks up their rangefinder at the golf course to measure the distance to the pin, there is always someone who burst out “I should really get one of those”. But rarely will.

A rangefinder is a laser type binocular that will give you the distance to an object that it takes aim at, for example, the pin. What is great about the range finder is that it can measure any distance, for example to the water hazard, to the tree behind the green or to that fairway bunker.

This makes it pretty unique and offers something that other GPS distance measuring tools don’t. The one that we have gotten our eyes on (and are even owned by one of our staff) is the TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder, available on Amazon. It’s not overly expensive and it does everything that you need out of a rangefinder.

Ps. Make sure that the gift-receiver does not already own one! This tip pretty much applies to all gifts, come to think of it.

#2. Golf Swing Trainer – Tempo Perfection

Best Golf Christmas Gifts

This extremely handy training equipment has exploded in popularity in the past few years. What it does it that it helps the golfer to keep a clean tempo in their swing and to really get into the rhythm.

Many golfers use this either on the driving range or as warm-up before a golf round. It’s also perfect for when you feel that you lose your tempo and need to get back on track.

Most serious golfers use this and at a very reasonable price, you could get the Amazon Best SellerSKLZ Gold Flex – Golf Training Aid for Strength and Tempo Trainingshipped to your door.

#3. Golf Balls!

A golfer can’t get enough golf balls. Period. This gift is bulletproof and you can yourself decide how much you want to spend on it. A box is around $30-40 and everything between 1-4 boxes would make every golfer happy!

If you want to read up more on what golf balls would suit the receiver of your gift you can check out this comprehensive guide on golf balls for different levels of handicap.

But, to make your life easier – here are 2 perfect suggestions for a beginner/senior and for non-beginners.


Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls


TaylorMade Project (s)

#4 Indoor Putting Green

This gift is a little bit more niched but will be a slam dunk if bought to the right person. Either to be used in the garage or at the office, this gift offers endless opportunities.

If you would ask any golfer, no one would pass a lie detector test claiming that they are practicing enough putting. So if you know someone who 3-putts too often (a common golf term for… erhm.. poor putters), get them an indoor putting green!

You can find more reviews of Putting Greens here.

#5 Golf Travel Bag/Travel Cover

This is perfect for any golfer who will ever travel with their golf bag. It offers protection against careless airport staff, scratches, and broken clubs.

A travel cover is an investment that will probably save a golfer a lot of money when eliminating the risk of broken clubs or the need to replace a golf bag. It is also perfect for when traveling by car or train as it still offers the same protection but also has many neat pockets for golf-related accessories such as shoes, golf balls, etc.

The Bag Boy Golf T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover won our comprehensive review of golf travel bags. So either you check it out or just go with the Bag Boy, as it offers great value and looks really nice.

#6 Nike Men’s Polo Shirt

This simply can’t go wrong. Either you have too few or you are tired of using the same golf polo shirt. Nike is also pretty standard in their sizing meaning you could use a well-weighted guestimate of what size the receiver could fit into. If you are on the fence between sizes, go with the larger one. Nike have really improved its position in Golf Fashion lately!

On Amazon, Nike Polo Shirts are offered in 34 different colors to choose from. Black or White is usually waterproof, but try to mix it up with a purple or maybe even a red one – Tiger Woods style!

Of course, we will include options for Nike polo shirts for women.

Golf Christmas Gifts For Dad – Gifts for Him – Gifts For Women

#7 Golf Shoes

There is no better feeling than having new, fresh shoes. If you think that you know the taste of the gift receiver the slightest it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of golf shoes. Golfers usually have more than one pair, either depending on the surface or the season. (Wetter seasons usually require spikes and summer/dry season do not).

What’s really in fashion in golf shoe trends at the moment are more sneaker-like golf shoes. Take these Adidas for example:

You can tell that golf shoes have come a long way from the shiny dressed shoes we saw back in the ’60s. These can also be found on Amazon, in various sizes and colors.

Hint: Take a sneak peek of the size of the shoes the gift receiver are currently using.

#8 A New Golf Bag

Some people use the same golf bag for way too long. This makes it one of the best Christmas gifts for someone who loves golf, as most people would need their golf bag replaced. Golf Bags are really not that expensive and if you want you could group together with friends or family to buy on for the intended gift receiver.

It really doesn’t make that big of a difference if you buy a golf push-cart bag or a carry bag as they can be used interchangeably. You could, if you want, take a peek at what he/she is using at the moment.

If it looks something like this you should be shopping for push-cart/golf-cart bags:


If it, on the other hand, looks something like this, you should be looking at carry/smaller push-cart bags:

Cleveland Golf – CG Stand Bag

If you are on the fence or if you are uncertain which one you should get, 90% of golfers use the second one and it will never go wrong (as they could always be used in any situation anyway).

If you are interested, Golfchannel create great lists with what pro golfers have in their bags!

#9 A complete Golf Set!

If you are looking at gifts for someone who is about to pick up golf or have clubs that are way too old, buying a completely new set is not as distant as it may seem. Some golfers do not like to take it too seriously and some just want to try it out and see if it a sport that would suit them.

We have found the perfect starter set for those who might not play that much but that would still want a set of their own.

Tour Edge Bazooka Men’s 360 Box Set  (for prices, follow the link to Amazon)

  • Comes with a complete set of iron graphite clubs
  • Easy-hitting hybrid club for fairway strokes
  • An easy hitting Driver for beginners
  • A putter
  • A Golf Bag

We have to say, this set is a lot value for money and would look great under the Christmas Tree. If you are more serious about gifting an iron set for a beginner, we have made a great list of “The 5 Best Iron Sets for Beginners“.

#10 Tiger Woods Golf Book

This one is perfect if you do not want to spend too much money. Say what you want about Tigers behavior in the late 2000s, but the golfing community has decided to give him a second chance.

Tiger Woods is probably the greatest golfer of all times and everyone loves the way he plays and his history.

Here is what the Wall Street Journal had to say:

“Irresistible…Immensely readable…The authors have laid out a saga that is part myth, part Shakespeare, part Jackie Collins….A whirlwind of a biography that reads honest and true.” —The Wall Street Journal

For more information on the #1 New York Best Seller, click here.

#11 A Golf Putter!

Nothing say “I appreciate you” as much as a brand new mallet putter. You can use a nice putter for pretty much your whole golf career, which means that the one receiving the gift will cherish it for a very long time.

One of our staff members actually got on as a gift not too long ago, and he claims that he has been putting better since he received it from his wife. (I guess we have to take his word for it…)

Luckily for you, we have made an entire post on golf putters for 2019. But, as always, we will make life easier for you and point out our Top Pick right here and now.

Odyssey – Red O-Works

#12 Backyard Driving Range/Chipping Net

This has to be one of the most innovative Christmas Gift ever. Imagine the joy of a golf lovers face when he realizes that he could have his own driving range in the back yard!

This gift does, of course, rely on the fact if there is a back yard involved or not. With the backyard driving range/chipping net, you can either practice long shots like iron clubs or drivers and with the integrated chipping net you could practice the accuracy of chipping with a pitch or a wedge. Amazing!

More information on this Driving Range, such as measurements, etc, can be found here!

Hint: This application can be used by more ball sports than just golf!

BONUS: Golf Push Cart

As using a golf cart (golf car) is somewhat decreasing in popularity, having your own push cart is not only very flexible and handy but also comes with many benefits. This makes it one of the more interesting golf Christmas gift!

If you were to borrow a push cart at the local golf club, those are usually in pretty worn out conditions and doesn’t come with great departments for scorecards, golf balls or golf tees.  Another thing is that they can be pretty good at charging you for renting a push cart, so an investment in your own is probably going to break even in its lifetime.

As always, we have made the groundwork and found the best value-for-money push cart and its available on Amazon.

CaddyTek Caddylite EZ V8 – EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

  • Great Value for Money
  • Folds very easy and hardly takes up any space when folded
  • Lightweight but still very stable with an aluminum frame.
  • Perfect basket with a cooler department