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The Throwback Sack – Disc Golf Bag with Cooler

If you came here to simply find the best and most reliable Disc Golf Bag, we have a clear-cut winner. The Throwback Sack is probably one of the most popular buys and has shown reliability and does the job and is friendly to the budget.

  • Classic Black Golf Disc Bag
  • Perfect All-around bag
  • Comfortable, padded and adjustable straps
  • Fits up to 12 Discs and 6 Cold Drinks
  • Great Warranty

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The Best Disc Golf Bags Review & Guide 2020

Disc golf, or sometimes refereed to as frisbee golf (wrongly, according to many), is what the name implies – golf with a disc! The style of the sport is very similar to traditional golf but instead of using a ball and a golf club to get the tiny ball into a hole, you use a disc and throw it into a metal cage with chains.

Disc golf has quickly evolved and grown into a family hobby for some, and a more competitive game for others. It has become very popular around the world, and one simple reason is that it is very accessible and easy to try out.

All you really need is a few discs, a bag to carry them in (like a traditional golf bag), and a course to play. Many new disc golf courses are opening at a faster phase than ever before as the sport is really growing – both professionally and as a hobby.

Disc Golf was founded in the US and is approximated to have around 100 000 practitioners. The demographic is hard to nail down completely, but it ranges from all ages and genders. We really believe it will continue to grow as it has.

“ It has become very popular around the world, and one simple reason is that it is very accessible and easy to try out”

Read more on Disc golf at the PDGA website.

What do I need to play Disc Golf?

To play the game of Disc Golf, you really do no need much at all. If you, for example, compare to hockey you barely need anything at all. You also need a lot less gear than in golf as you are using more of your own body to throw the disc. But you do need something!

If you want, you can look into getting your own Golf Disc Basket. They are not too expensive, as there are budget options as well as portable variations.

How many Discs do you need to play Disc Golf?

First and foremost, you need at least 3 Discs. There are different reasons behind this where probably the most important one is that you need different discs depending on the type of throw you are attempting as there are multiple situations that could benefit from different discs.

Those who compete professionally have different discs depending on the weather as well, but this is nothing you need if you are only intending to play for fun. But we would recommend at least having different discs for different throws.

You would need a Driver Disc, for the tee-offs. These have a straighter flight and you are able to throw them the furthest. You would also need a midrange disc, for closer throws that require a bit more length. Lastly, you would need a putter. The putter is the easiest to control and will fly pretty dead straight. The downside is that it cant be thrown very far, why you only use it when you are pretty close.

We picked out our selection of recommendations on Golf Discs, see below.

You may also need a marker that you can use when you need to mark the position of where your disc landed. You need this when you are changing disc type or want to walk around to scout the area. If you are playing with more serious players, make sure you bring your own to avoid frustration.

You can find a great marker here.

Innova Champion Set – Driver, Mid-Range & Putter


Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set 


Dynamic Discs Five Disc Starter Set


INNOVA Dx Disc Golf Set 3 (DX Stacked Set)


Complete Reviews of The Best Portable Disc Golf Bags

But on to the main thing to address – The Disc Golf Bag. We would argue that even if you only plan to play a few rounds, you should justify a real disc bag. As mentioned before, you need more than one disc, at least three. An on top of that you need spares, totaling to at least 6 discs.

If you are playing during summer, you need water and probably snacks. You will need space for a towel to clean your discs, (yes, the discs usually get dirty) and a towel if it is really warm outside.

There are a few aspects important to take into consideration, such as the amount of the pockets, adjustability of the straps and durability. Price is also something to consider, of course.

Please see our list of Golf Disc Bags below, which we hope you will find helpful.

Best Putter 2019 beginner

Great Disc Golf Bags with Cooler and Storage!

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag

  • Great Value
  • Padded Straps
  • Stabilizing feet on the bottom
  • Great Warranty
  • User-friendly

This came out the Staff pick, mainly for its flexibility and smart design. We also love how the discs are easily accessible and that there is a separate putter compartment on top. It is not the most expensive bag out there, but with the quality it offers it really comes at a reasonable price.

It is medium size and backpack-style. It fits up to 20 discs, which may not be needed for everyone but it does leave room for more stuff, such as extra clothes – a jacket, shoes etc. Actually, this shouldn’t be underestimated as you may do stuff adjacent to playing which might need other gear as well.

The straps are padded for maximum comfort and there are D-rings that make it easy for clip-on equipment such as towels or bottles. The discs are easily accessible and the main compartment has a 3-way opening which is extremely convenient.

It is offered in 5 colors – Black, White, Navy, Orange, and Rasberry.

Overall a great bag, with a professional look that is not too expensive and extremely user-friendly.

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The Throwback Sack – Disc Golf Bag with Cooler

  • Classic Black Golf Disc Bag
  • Perfect All-around bag
  • Comfortable, padded and adjustable straps
  • Fits up to 12 Discs and 6 Cold Drinks
  • Great Warranty

This bag is just overall great. It looks the part, greatly appreciated and is friendly on the budget. It gives you room for 12 discs, which covers it for most players. It comes with a divider in the main compartment to separate your discs from the other gear that you would want to bring.

This is the perfect leisure bag, that can be used by both competitive players and beginners who like to play for fun. It has all room for necessities to make it an all-day activity which is great and makes it easy to find things in the bag.

You have everything reachable on the side as your discs will lay untouched and unharmed in the middle. To go with the main drink-compartment you have additional side-cooler pockets that can fit up to 6 cans with whatever you’d like.

The quality is at, or even above, the price range with a classic black look. It carries like a duffle bag which is as common as the backpack-style bag. All the pockets are very convenient and getting a really proves why getting a real Golf Disc Bag is probably a must if you plan to play. It has a reachable compartment for your scorecard, your pencil as well as your phone and wallet.

It has extra heels so that when you place it down on (the sometimes dirty) ground, it stays fresh and reduces wear and tear.

Overall, probably on of “the” golf disc bags that we would recommend to pretty much anyone.

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Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

This bag is one of the latest one from Dynamic Discs and has been a best seller for some time. We really like this bag is it is very versatile and durable. We would say that it is definitely in the same class as the Throwback Sack when it comes to quality and value leaving much to come down to preference.

This bag holds 12 discs in the main compartment when you are not counting the putter pockets. If you were to eliminate space for drinks you could fill it up all the way to 18 discs, but as we already mentioned this is pretty rare.

The adjustable, padded, strap makes it comfortable and this bag also features extra tailored pockets for your scorecard, pencil, etc. There is also a very convenient slot inside the bag, with a zipper and hidden compartment. We do recommend that you add the backpack straps as well to this bag, for its longevity!

If there is one thing that would make this bag stand out is that it would be a bit more tilted to competitive/pro players. But this should not discourage beginners at all!

Proceeds from the sale of this bag also help veterans in various ways.

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MVP Disc Sports – Beaker Competition Disc Golf Bag

This bag is great all around, even though it does look a little less “premium” than our previous picks. It is a great disc golf bag to start out with, or if you are not playing very frequently. It holds between 12-15 discs and even has a putter pocket.

What is really great with this addition is, that even at this price, it comes with included backpack straps and shoulder straps. It got drink holders and 1 quick access side pouch. Want to keep your scorecard and pencil easy at hand? It got that compartment as well.

So, if you are just starting out playing, this budget-friendly and the highly reviewed bag is our perfect choice for you.


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Perfect Golf Disc Bags & Backpacks Online www.PineClubGolf.com

Do I need a disc golf bag when playing disc golf in the beginning?

We would definitely recommend you trying out the sport before investing heavily in a disc bag, but as soon as you figure out this is for you – then, yes! Carrying your discs either by hand or in an alternative bag could work, but you better believe it won’t be hassle-free. As you are out there, you’d want those necessities that a disc bag brings you, such as smart compartment, easy and user-friendly zippers and so on.

And don’t forget comfort! Discs, snacks, and drinks can become heavy in the long run and may (probably) ruin your game. If you are undecided, get the budget option to try it out!

We don’t want to be “like that”, but if you plan to play disc golf continuously, get a real bag. It will make you look the part.

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