What is an Albatross in Golf?

What is an Albatross in Golf? A Hole-In-One is usually what most golf players dream of achieving. But shouldn't an albatross rank as high, or even higher? In this article, we will delve into how incredible an achievement getting an albatross really is (and what it is). We will also reveal what pieces of evidence we have for when the first Albatross was scored. (And if you scroll down you will find a video of the Top 10 Albatrosses on the European Tour!) Is Golf a Good Walk Spoiled or is achieving an Albatross realistic? The "PAR" system is really unique to the game of golf and usually separates the length of the hole. A par 3, where the goal should be to complete the hole in 3 strokes or less, is shorter than a par 5 where the goal is to complete the [...]

Fix your Golf Hook in 5 Easy Steps!

How to fix your Golf Hook! Do you feel the sweat drops running down the side of your face and anxiously tee up to ball afraid of what will come next? Take control of your game and enter the tee or that approach shot with confidence! In this article with will dig into how you could get rid of your hook shot and hit those shots in the middle of the fairway! The hook is less common than a slice and is usually a bit more forgiving. When you suffer from a hook spin you usually do not lose too much distance in comparison with a slice but you still lack the control of the direction of the shot. Signs to look for if you are suffering from a hook: The ball starts straight but ends up spinning to the left The ball bounces drastically to the left upon landing [...]

Fix your Golf Slice in 5 Easy Steps!

How to Fix your Golf Slice! If you are you struggling with a slice, you are not alone. Slice, when the ball curves to the right, is far more common than its sibling - the hook. A hook is when the ball curves to the left and often not as much as that of a slice. A slice is also a bit more tricky to get rid of, but keep the faith! How should you then go ahead and cure it? I, myself, have actually struggled with a slice and both from the experience with curing my own and with the experience of helping others the problem nearly always comes down to the grip. More specifically, the position of the grip with your right hand (the one above) and the pressure of the left hand (the one underneath). Usually, your right hand ends up [...]